From Prague to Arizona, Eggplant is a migratory web installation dedicated to art, humor, culture and reflection.

Silent Stars by Andy Warhol
-Andy's Flash Benediction

Three Easy Pieces + Goodluck Bullshit Calligraphy
SaguaroFollies: Interactive Project
- Are you a Lover?  Or a Seeker?  Find your archetypes. Meet 40 cacti contestants.
- Heroes, Prague/Kafka and TalkingShell.
Post Mutant Eggplant
- Brake Quartet talk show and FilmSociety.
Blog - Vitro Nasu
- Since 2004 - Continuing.
- Collaborative Project with AndrewPothecary
H-Ray Heine's Digital Souls:
presenting Fung Lin Hall's digital images
Land Project
- Toccata by Koji Tada
- Painting and Monoprints by Fung Lin Hall
- Red Onions Slide Show Images by Fung Lin Hall
- Alternative Webart sites.
- Eggplant selections of the verybest and skewed links.
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